上網嘅時候想保護個人資料?唔想俾人hack咗啲account?其實唔難!一隻app就可以輕鬆攪掂!想知點做?嚟緊3/4 過嚟天幕嘅Pacman Booth等我地話你知點做啦!





Hello dear students!

Tomorrow we will be at the Skylight Plaza from 10 am to 5 pm to bring awareness about data privacy.

Even though ‘protecting your data’ sounds dull, it’s easier than you think! Especially if you use DuoMobile! This app permits you to keep your personal information safe. We will tell you more about this app on the 3rd of April.

We will have some games and we will give away some products.

We hope that there will be a lot of you coming! See you there.

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我們是Pandata! 來參加我們舉辦的攤位遊戲,了解更多關於安全上網的知識吧!

攤位展覽(由CLC9012 Social Marketing的同學組織)


時間:11:00 - 17:00

地點:嶺南大學 天幕


Do you have the habit of logging out your account after surfing the Internet? Do you know how serious the consequences of not logging out may be? Are you willing to gradually establish a habit of logging out to protect yourself and your family's privacy?

We are Pandata! Come and join us and you can know more about internet security and data privacy!

Booth Exhibitions - Organized by students from CLC9012 Social Marketing

Date: 3rd April, 2019

Time: 11:00 - 17:00

Venue: Skylight Plaza, Lingnan University

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2019年新書分享會 2019 Book Sharing



Office of Service-Learning would like to express our gratitude towards all the participants in our Book Sharing session yesterday. Two books, Lingnan Campus Tour - The Beauty of Lingnan and Stories of Tseng Choi Street, are seen by the public for the first time. Authors and guests who came to our sessions shared the journey of book publishing from conceptualisation to materialising their work as well as all the little behind-the-scenes stories. You can sense the happiness of our guests from all the smiles in the photos below.

We have some limited amount of books left for free distribution. If anyone is interested, please come to our office in LBY 101.



「走失長者在地區支援」 社區研習項目

嶺南大學服務研習處及仁愛堂胡忠長者地區中心合辦「應對長者走失知多啲 」攤位。攤位將重點推廣及加強公眾對認知障礙症的認識。到時約定你!


日期︰2019年1月13日 (日)

How Smart Technology is beneficial to Senior care 智慧科技如何在長者護理中發揮作用

Have you ever thought of how smart technology may be beneficial to an ageing society? An article from Medium reported that many millions of elderly (65 years or older) live by themselves in the developed nations. The authour also points out that extra care is needed for the elderly who live alone, as living alone increases loneliness, the risk of having mental and physical health problems and more. A solution is needed urgently to address solve this problem, and using smart technology is regarded as one of the methods. Please see more from the original report: https://medium.com/naran/how-smart-technology-is-beneficial-to-senior-care-80918ad37213


More on Robotics and elderly today. This time, it's a movie. 今日講講更多機器人與護老爲主題的電影

More on Robotics and elderly today. This time, it's a movie.


Robot & Frank is a Hollywood movie that features a sci-fi drama of Frank Weld, an ageing jewel thief, whose son gives him a domestic robot. The movie was directed by Jake Schreier and written by Christopher Ford. Resistant at first, Frank realized that he can repurpose his robots as a cat burglar assistant and slowly warms up to the robot whom he eventually becomes friends with.

「機器人與法蘭克」係一部2012年由Jake Schreier導演Christopher Ford編排的的好萊塢電影,題材為科幻喜劇。劇情設置在不久的將來,由Frank Langella飾演的一位年長的珠寶大盜Frank Weld有一天得到了他兒子給他的一部家庭機械人。一開始十分抗拒,但因爲Frank忽然一十到他可以利用這臺家庭機械人“重拾舊業”。然後慢慢地,他開始對這部家庭機械人產生了好感。

More from: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1990314/

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用科幻故事去描述未來的長者護理 Using Sci-fi to paint a picture of future care-giving to elderly

Using Sci-fi to paint a picture of future caregiving to elderly用科幻故事去描述未來的長者護理

In 2011, Ken Liu, an established fantasy and sci-fi writer, published a short story of Tom, an old person, who owns an AI-powered robotic caretaker. The story tells us about the near future of a very comforting yet lonely scene where Tom relies on the companionship of a robot. I wonder what would our future be like when we grow old? Your thoughts? Please see below a snippet from the story. The full story can be read here.

Ken Liu是一位成名的科幻作家。2011年,他發表了一篇關於智能機械護工的故事。此故事圍繞Tom一位老友記與他的機器人護工而展開,場景溫暖也孤獨。作家Ken Liu向我們描寫的是在不久的將來,我們每個人都肯能需要面對的場景。一下係英文原版的一段摘錄。英文原文請點擊此處

“It’s reliable,” Tom says. Then he seems to have run out of things to say, too. My son is like me, awkward with words when the emotions get complicated.

After a few seconds of silence, his sister steps forward and stands next to the robot. Gently, she bends down to put a hand on my shoulder. “Dad, Tom is running out of vacation days. And I can’t take any more time off either because I need to be with my husband and kids. We think this is best. It’s a lot cheaper than a live-in aide.”

日本養老異象:「監獄是我的綠洲」"Prison is my oasis"

“日本人口老化嚴重,除了使經濟疲弱,竟然還衍生治安問題?根據 2017 年法務省的犯罪白皮書數據顯示,近 10 年 60 歲以上長者佔全國罪犯比例不斷上升,從 2006 年的 17.5% 升至 2016 年的 26%,當中過半因店舖盜竊獲罪。日本長者在全國囚犯中亦佔比近 20%,遠超美國與南韓同期的 6% 和 11%。這些高齡罪犯中,約 6 成已喪偶,近 5 成獨居,4 成屬於無親無故或與親友少有來往的無緣老人。有人因為年老無依、窮困交迫,為了保證生活,而選擇長留監獄,亦有人只因生活空虛,入獄尋找人生樂趣。統計顯示,超過 4 成高齡罪犯出獄後,會在半年內再犯,重犯 6 次以上的人竟不在少數。由於獄中高齡罪犯人數眾多,政府甚至需要另建監獄、特設護老職員應對。”


The ageing population in Japan is increasing proportionately in percentage and was blamed for a weakening economy. Bewilderedly, the ageing population was also blamed for causing security issues in the society. In 2017, a report from the Ministry of Justice showed an increased percentage of elderly offenders aged 60 and above when compared to the total number of offenders. The figure was only 17.5% in 2006 while the number has rocketed to 26% in 2016. Fifty percent of these elderly offenders were convicted because of shop-liftering. Among the prisoner population, there is also 20% elderly prisoners, significantly more than that of the US and South Korea. Numbers also showed that approximately 60% and 50% of the elderly offenders did not have a spouse or live alone. Forty per cent of them were found to have no relatives or friends. Therefore, going to prison by committing an offence becomes a way out. According to some statistics, more than 40% of the prisoners will re-commit a crime just to be sent to the prison again, and many of them have committed crimes with various degree of seriousness by 6 times or more. To address the pressing need of facilitating a large number of inmates, the government is forced to open up more prisons for elderly inmates and provide them with health and care services...

More can be found here (in Chinese): http://www.cup.com.hk/2018/03/26/the-prison-heaven-in-japan/


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